Udruženje nestalih KIM

Association President: Verica Tomanovic

Association Secretary: Olgica Bozanic

The Association of Families of Kidnapped and Missing Persons in Kosovo and Metohija is a non-profit, non-governmental humanitarian organizations and aims at shedding light on the fate of kidnapped and missing.

Association excludes political involvement and party promoterstvo not auctioned victims or abused accident.

This association was founded in March 2000 in Belgrade with the aim of finding and clarifying the fate of kidnapped and missing persons in Kosovo and Metohija from 1998 until today by armed and uniformed people who call themselves KLA and who, after the arrival of peacekeepers legalized in Kosovo Protection Corps. For better communication with families Association has its own sub-offices in Nis, Kraljevo, Gracanica (Kosovska Mitrovica and Velika Hoca).

Based on statistical analysis of which is made by our Association, the total number of kidnapped and missing persons, 20% is gone before the NATO aggression, 5% during the aggression and 75% after the arrival of peacekeeping forces.

Kidnapped and missing persons are members of all peoples, national minorities, ethnic groups and all religions: Serbs, Montenegrins, Muslims, Turks, Roma, Gorani, as well as a number of Albanians and foreigners.

Were abducted and taken to an unknown destination people of different age groups: children, women, old people, adults. University professors, doctors, journalists, students, students, artisans, farmers, artists, priests, members of the MUP and the VJ, and so on.

Kidnappings are affected and patients - people with disabilities of various categories, retarded persons, druševno impaired persons, persons suffering from incurable diseases, and so on.

Violent arrests and killings were carried out in family homes, in workplaces, in busy traffic and other public places. Our Association has information about the time and manner of abduction collected from relatives and immediate witnesses.

During all these years to arrive the information that the kidnapped and missing persons held in camps or private prisons in Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania.

The problem of missing and kidnapped persons in recent years passed through the various stages of a humanitarian disaster, through policy, to the interpretation of the book of former Prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal, Carla del Ponte, "The Hunt, Me and War Criminals" of human organ trafficking.

Ever since the tragic kidnapping in 1998 confirmed the existence of secret detention camps and prisons in Kosovo and Metohija and Albania. Until 12 June 1999, seek responsibility of our state. After that, she performed the responsibility of KFOR and UNMIK because they came after the signed UN Security Council Resolution 1244 to ensure peace and order, implement and ensure the safety of all citizens.

After login families about the disappearance of KFOR and UNMIK were obliged to investigate all locations carry out raids and freed hundreds of kidnapped Serbs, Roma, Albanians and others. They could save people's lives and in practice they were only observers exodus, as well as the ICRC, which did not respect the Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocol II to protect human life and humanitarian law, as well as to comply with the resolution on forcible detention. At that time, the ICRC was present in Albania and in Kosovo and Macedonia, and we still do not have a list posećivanih detained Serbs and others.

Information that existed in Albania places of horror and crime in which unscrupulously killed Serbs and other organs for trade be with us family members of the blackest possible apprehension that they were victims of organ trafficking. But hopes that someone managed to survive there.

UNMIK police have confirmed that it is only in Kosovo and Metohija there were 144 camps, secret prisons.

It is not complied with Resolution Interpol as well as three of the Protocol on cooperation between the Serbian police and UNMIK on the issue of joint actions on the ground and raids in establishments that are known to have secret prisons and camps.

To date, 358 have been identified by DNA analysis of the remains for about 530 people is unknown fate.

By opening the archives of all relevant institutions and international organizations to accelerate the process of clarifying the fate of kidnapped and missing persons in Kosovo and Metohija. We propose to establish a single database individually for each kidnapped and missing person.

We suggest launching investigative actions and responsibility for the kidnapping, torture and forced the closure of Serbs and others in Kosovo by the UN Security Council because they were a guarantee of peace after June 1999. We support the establishment of the Special Court for crimes of the KLA.

Discovered a mass grave Klecka /1998./, Lake Radonjic /1998./, Glođane /1998./, Volujak /1998./ Mine, Cave Volujak /2005./, Malisheva /2005./ the site where the remains were found mostly Serbs and others killed by the KLA - NONE WAS CONVICTED.

In the exodus, kidnappings, disappearances and killings after the arrival of KFOR and UNMIK are responsible generals country quotas and administrators UNMIK because they did not comply with UNSC Resolution 1244, which guaranteed the safety and security of all citizens of Kosovo and Metohija.

The least that the United Nations can provide to families who lost their members is material compensation for mental anguish, apologies for the unjust loss and memorial to the victims.

In addition to the search for abducted and missing persons association is unable to ensure the economic and social situation of families. And 14 years after the end of the conflict in Kosovo and Metohija there is no law on missing persons in the Republic of Serbia, despite our numerous requests to the competent ministries.

Association attend the handover sets of human remains to support the family members and in most cases delegation attending funerals. We mark the dates of mass kidnappings memorial service and laying flowers.

- June 22 Day kidnapped miners Belaćevca- Obilic

- June 28 memorial service for all victims

- July 18 Orahovac Group 1998

- August 30, International Day of the Disappeared - December 10, International Human Rights Day

Since the establishment, the Association participates in all regional conferences organized by the ICMP, which stood out similar or the same problems and obstacles in the process of exhumation and identification of missing persons. This has prompted us to network and unique appearance with the aim of speeding up the process of tracing the missing and the realization of the rights of their families.

The Association is a member of the Coordination of Serbian associations of the former Yugoslavia, regional coordination, Euro-Mediterranean FEMED organization, held regular meetings with representatives of the Association of Families of Albanians with the support of the ICMP.

Attitudes of the Association of Families of Kidnapped and Missing Persons in Kosovo and Metohija

Belgrade on 14 March 2007.

Representatives of the Association of Belgrade, Nis, Kraljevo, Gracanica, Kosovska Mitrovica and Velika Hoca discussed the main problems, issues and recommendations concerning the current situation of searching for missing persons in Kosovo.


  • Respect for human rights
  • Resolving the fate of kidnapped and missing persons in Kosovo
  • Immediate release of all the surviving
  • Solving social / economic / legal status of surviving members
  • Facilitating access to information
  • Speeding up the process of exhumation and identification